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Facial volume loss is a complaint that we see time and time again. Whether you've noticed your eyes appear more hollow or your smile lines seem more pronounced, these are typically symptoms of mid face volume loss.

To correct this volume loss, we utilize hyaluronic acid fillers in the mid face, or cheek region. By restoring the structure of the face, filler can soften the under eye along with the nasolabial folds (smile lines).


Let's put it this way. Cheek filler is about as close to a universally flattering cosmetic procedure as they come. The process is completely tailored to your specific needs, goals, and anatomy in order to enhance your natural bone structure.

Cheek filler helps you appear younger, refreshed, and more contoured via injecting a hyaluronic acid gel-like filler into specific planes of the face to restore volume loss from the natural aging process.


Cheek filler is most commonly injected to add more lift at the outermost part of the cheekbone to raise the cheekbone and bring more light up around the eyes or to boost volume to the apples of your cheek to eliminate areas of shadow. Placing filler in this particular area is also an excellent shorter-term solution to correct asymmetry and achieve facial balance and harmony. The good and the bad of fillers is that they're not permanent. In order to sustain your cheek's newfound fullness, you'll have to plan on repeat injections about every one to two years.

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