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Immediately after treatment, your skin will feel warm and tight. It will also be pink or mildly red as if you were out in the sun for a while. The redness and warmth should subside after a few hours. But for some patients, it can take a day or two for these side effects to go away completely. For others, it may take up to a week before the redness has completely subsided. If this happens, you may use a cooling face mask to reduce the redness, heat, and inflammation.

Since microneedling creates minuscule “wounds” in your skin, you cannot continue with your regular skin care routine immediately after treatment. Instead, you will have to follow specific post microneedling aftercare instructions which we will provide you at the end of your treatment.

After microneedling treatment face




For the first 72 hours following your microneedling treatment, only clean your face with lukewarm water (not hot or cold) and a gentle cleanser such as the Oxygen Infusion Wash from SkinBetter Science. Always make sure to clean your hands before washing your face and touching the treated skin. Gently dry your skin with a clean towel (lightly dab the water away) and do not use any powered cleansing brushes for at least a week after your treatment.


Our SkinBetter Alto will help soothe and heal the skin while reducing irritation. Since your skin will feel drier than usual, you can hydrate and restore your skin’s balance with a serum containing hyaluronic acid as well.

Using moisturizers, such as our SkinBetter Trio, with ceramides and spritzing hydrating water sprays whenever your skin feels dry can also help soothe your skin.

Remember, of course, to drink plenty of water to hydrate and to help heal your skin faster.


Since microneedling stimulates collagen growth, you can make the most of this regeneration process with collagen-stimulating peptides. These can maximize the collagen stimulation that is occurring from the microneedling treatment.


Do not wear makeup for 24 to 72 hours following your microneedling treatment so you can allow your skin to breathe and recover. Also, do not use a makeup brush at this time—especially a dirty one.

When it is safe to use a makeup brush again, make sure only to use clean ones as contaminated brushes can cause skin irritation and infections.

Your skin is sensitive and healing during this rejuvenation process, so avoid using any products that could irritate it or clog your pores.


Immediately after your treatment, you should only use chemical-free topical lotions. It is best, therefore, to avoid the sun altogether. Going out in the sun and even on your drive home, we recommend our SkinBetter SPF compact, that will reduce redness and protect your skin from the sun!

These measures should not only for after your treatment but should also as part of your regular day-to-day skin care routine, to protect your skin from premature aging.


While your skin is healing, do not use any abrasive products like exfoliators and alcohol-based toners. While it may be tempting to exfoliate your skin, you must remember that it is healing and regenerating. You should only apply products that help soothe and heal the skin during this time.

Speak with our Nurse Practitioners to discover the rejuvenating power of microneedling and to learn complementary ways you can take care of your skin to keep it looking radiant and healthy, all year round.

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