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First, Dermaplaning. Next Up, DiamondGlow!

Meet the newest member of the Outlast lineup! Our DiamondGlow device is an advanced skin resurfacing technology that helps revitalize acne-prone, dry, dull, aging skin without surgery, lasers, needles, or downtime. The closed-vacuum technology uses a three-in-one approach, consisting of exfoliation with tips containing ground diamonds, extraction with high-powered suction, and personalized nutrient-dense serum infusions.

What are the benefits of DiamondGlow?

Some of the many benefits associated with DiamondGlow at Outlast Aesthetics include:

  • Brighter, healthier, more supple skin

  • Smaller, unclogged pores

  • Improved skin hydration

  • Smoother and firmer skin

  • Improvements in skin tone and texture

  • Clearer skin

  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles

There’s no pain, downtime, incisions, or needles associated with DiamondGlow at Outlast. The treatment will give you the boost of confidence you need, by leading with your freshest face forward.

All eyes on you, gorgeous!

How do I know if DiamondGlow skin resurfacing is right for me?

To find out if you’re a good candidate for DiamondGlow skin resurfacing, the Outlast team reviews your aesthetic concerns and examines your skin’s problem areas. We’ll discuss your desired outcomes to develop a personalized treatment plan that best suits your individual needs.

Is this the same as the Outlast Signature Star facial?

A DiamondGlow treatment is one of three components of the Outlast Signature Star facial — the ultimate facial treatment. It starts with a thorough cleansing of your face, followed by full-face dermaplaning to remove the pore-clogging peach fuzz and top layer of dead skin cells.

We then apply the handheld DiamondGlow device to your skin to exfoliate, extract, infuse, and nourish the skin of your face and neck. We also use a smooth, non-exfoliating tip on the delicate skin around your eyes and lips.

The third component of the Outlast Signature Star facial is a Laser Genesis treatment. We’ll cover Genesis in detail in an upcoming blog, but essentially the heat from the laser is collagen stimulating, which helps your body regenerate its own collagen supply. It also evens out skin tone, reduces redness, shrinks pores (which is amazing after the deep suction from DiamondGlow), and fades hyperpigmentation (dark spots) from sun damage, acne scars or melasma.

This treatment concludes with application of medical grade serums and SPF to further nourish, hydrate and protect your skin.

The Outlast Signature Star facial lasts about an hour, but each procedure is different and matched to your individualized needs.

You are also welcome to have a DiamondGlow treatment on its own, if that’s your preference. Dermaplaning is included!

What should I expect after the procedure?

After a DiamondGlow facial, you may experience some temporary, mild redness. However, because there’s no downtime, you can immediately resume your normal daily routine. As always, we recommend you protect your skin from damaging UV rays with mineral sunscreen. The Outlast team suggests a DiamondGlow facial 1-2 times per month to achieve optimal, long-lasting results.

We also recommend DiamondGlow in combination with other aesthetic treatments to give you the results you long for. For example, combining DiamondGlow facials with Neurotoxins, Dermal Fillers, Laser Genesis, Dermaplaning, and/or PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin), can enhance your outcome to help you look years younger.

Don’t live with acne-prone, aging, or dry skin if it bothers you and diminishes your self-confidence! When you look good, you feel good! Schedule an appointment (consultations are free!) at Outlast Aesthetics to find out if DiamondGlow is right for you.

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