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SKINCARE FOR MEN: How SkinBetter Science Helps Keep Things Simple.

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

It is frequently reported that males are more likely to be interested in using medical-grade skincare for anti-aging, but hold off because they don’t know where to start.

Men’s skin has distinctive attributes and care requirements. Interesting Fact: Men’s skin is actually more susceptible to environmental stressors, irritation and redness, and can experience more pronounced skin dehydration (hello, dry skin). Men’s skin also tends to have larger and more visible pores, resulting in increased sebum production and often, inflammatory acne.

For the most part, men (and most women, for that matter) prefer to keep their daily skincare routine as short and simple as possible, with results at warp-speed. At Outlast Aesthetics, we offer the SkinBetter regimen that addresses both of these desires. Teaming with SkinBetter, here’s the top regimen recommendation to keep things short and simple.


In both the morning and at night, start with a super quick face cleanse using SkinBetter Oxygen Infusion Wash. This lightweight, oxygen-infused gel-to-foam wash removes oil buildup and provides a light exfoliation of the skin. It also contains alpha hydroxy acids that immediately cleanse and invigorate the skin. This unscented foaming gel gently, yet completely cleanses to remove dirt and oil, making it a great option for sensitive skin, too. Its sulfate-free formula contains a skin-soothing blend of ingredients that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and pleasant, not tight and dry.


We are so happy to highlight SkinBetter’s Solo Hydrating Defense for MEN – A two-time Award-Winner: 2020 Men’s Health Editor’s Choice + 2021 Men’s Health Grooming Awards.

So, what is it? Solo Hydrating Defense is a lightweight serum that is quickly absorbed and doesn’t adhere to facial hair. A major bonus for our beard-loving counterparts. Solo Hydrating Defense also contains soothing ingredients to leave skin feeling soothed and comfortable. Daily use helps support the skin post-shave without uncomfortable stinging or burning. This once-daily use product was created exclusively for men’s individual skin needs and provides:

  • Scientifically advanced antioxidants

  • Protection against environmental stressors

  • Hydrating and soothing benefits

  • Fast, noticeable results

  • Significant reduction of sebum levels

Incredible results in as early as 4 weeks:

Source: SkinBetter Science. Solo Hydrating Defense MEN was evaluated in a dermatologist-led clinical trial in 22 patients following once-daily application over 12 weeks. Unretouched clinical photography was used on clean, product-free skin. Individual results may vary. Data is on file at skinbetter science.


Finally, it’s really in your best interest to establish a solid daily sun protection habit. It’s basically the most important thing you can do for your skin. Ever. A broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen reduces your risk of skin cancer and defends against sunburn and sun damage.

SkinBetter sunscreens feature 100%, non-nano mineral actives that go on super smooth and blend easily without leaving behind any hint of a white residue. Their formula provides a remarkable level of protection against UVA (aging), and UVB (burning) rays while also lacking a chemical scent or unpleasant aroma. We recommend their convenient sunscreen stick, as it’s an especially great option for men because it’s much lighter than a lotion and fits easily into a sports bag or backpack.

Effectual skincare for men does not have to be elaborate! With a little commitment, consistency (this is key!!), and a few multitasking, quality products, men can be well on their way to establishing a daily skincare routine that becomes as second nature as combing their hair.

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