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Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) for Facial Rejuvenation and Hair Restoration

Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) is an innovative therapy at Outlast Aesthetics that focuses on natural healing properties found within the body. PRF Treatment is a completely safe and natural solution for most skin problems and hair loss.


Use your own body's powerful rejuvenating proteins with our PRF treatment!

What is Platelet Rich Fibrin?

Platelet-Rich Fibrin or PRF is a technology that uses your own body’s natural and powerful healing proteins and concentrated growth factors to rejuvenate skin, treat hair loss, and speed up recovery. With a simple blood draw, a high concentration of natural growth factors in your blood can be collected and used for enhanced facial aesthetics.

PRF Treatment

PRF Treatment has become an integral part of the medical aesthetic industry due to its powerful components that can treat a wide range of skin issues such as:

  • Age spots or liver spots

  • Forehead wrinkles

  • Tear troughs

  • Crow’s feet and frown lines

  • Dark under-eye hollows

  • Facial wrinkles

  • Thinning lips

  • Nasolabial folds

  • Smoker’s and marionette lines

  • Sagging neck and jowls

What is the difference between PRP and PRF?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is the first-generation platelet concentrate. It is known as the “vampire facial” as it uses the patient’s own blood to treat the skin. It involves placing the blood sample in a centrifuge and spinning it at high speed. However, this procedure requires anti-clotting additives that can compromise the PRP’s potential benefits.

Meanwhile, Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) or “true blood therapy” has become a popular alternative for PRP. It is considered an advanced version of PRP with far more superior effects; studies show that PRF is three times more effective than PRP even without chemical additives. Since no additives are used, it forms a “super” blood clot with significantly higher concentrations of regenerative cells and growth factors that can stimulate healing. This results in a method that reduces the signs of aging, lessens scarring, and treats hair loss. 

What are the benefits of PRF treatment?

PRF Treatment has gained wide popularity because of its excellent healing and rejuvenating properties. 

Here are some of the benefits you can get when you try our PRF Treatment at CARE Esthetics:

  • Lighter and plumper skin under the eyes

  • Reduced wrinkle appearance

  • Smoother skin texture and more even skin tone

  • Healthier, younger-looking skin

  • Firmer and tighter skin

  • Fewer acne scars and dark spots

  • Restored volume in the cheek areas

  • A more defined jawline

  • Thicker, fuller hair

What to expect at your PRF visit?

Here’s what to expect when you visit Outlast Aesthetics clinic for PRF Treatment:

  1. Blood Extraction
    First, we will draw a small amount of your blood through a virtually painless procedure. 

  2. Blood Centrifugation
    Your blood will be processed in a centrifuge and spun slowly to produce PRF, ensuring that the blood will not separate as much as PRP.

  3. PRF Collection & Injection
    The PRF will be collected from the vial through a syringe and injected or microneedled into the treatment areas, depending on your personalized treatment plan.

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