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Outlast Aesthetics is now offering the state of the art Lutronic GENIUS device for Radio Frequency Microneedling.


RF MN is the ultimate treatment for skin tightening, acne scars, stretch marks and complete skin rejuvenation.


The precise supply of energy creates coagulation zones that stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin. Source: 2022

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With age, the general health and elasticity of our skin deteriorates, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. The volume loss on the face further contributes to tell-tale signs of aging. Although some skin aging is determined by genetics, several other important factors such as smoking, sun exposure and subpar nutrition further accelerates skin aging. Skin tightening with RF MN is an effective method to combat wrinkles or fine lines and to treat sagging, crepey skin.

A radio frequency microneedling treatment with GENIUS technology effectively stimulates collagen production by using your own body's reaction to the treatment. The supply of energy creates heat and stimulates your body's natural stimulation of collagen and Elastin production.








Acne scars are an unfortunate and unsightly result of persistent inflammatory acne. It's actually very common for people to have some form of scarring after acne heals. GENIUS radio frequency microneedling is an impressive, long-lasting treatment for acne scars.

The energy from the radio frequency combined with the channels created by the needles causes "controlled damage". This means your body's natural healing cascade has been stimulated to produce more and healthy collagen and elastin. This healing process dramatically improves the appearance and texture of skin left scarred from acne lesions.




Thankfully, there are several modalities available for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles.  An attribute these methods all share is stimulation of our body's own defenses. Using GENIUS radio frequency microneedling, we can produce healthier and younger skin that appears more supple and tight. Hands-down, energy-based methods using radio frequency (with microneedling), laser or light are most effective.

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