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Chin & jawline filler are popular non-surgical injectable treatments that shape and refine the look of the lower face. Performed together or individually, chin & jawline filler can give you a stronger facial structure and more angular side profile. Dermal fillers consisting of hyaluronic acid are injected to build volume in these areas, which can provide a more angular appearance & optimize your face for its maximum potential.



As we age, our skin (fairly rapidly) loses collagen. This loss in collagen causes lax skin combined with gravity contributes to lower face skin folds. Jowls occur when excess, lax skin hangs along the jawline and chin. Filler can help correct jowls when injected artistically along the jawline and in the chin.


Facial balance can instantly be achieved using filler in the jawline and chin. Adding more or less filler in one area can correct asymmetries of the face. Our Nurse Practitioners assess your overall features to determine if chin or jawline filler would be the appropriate treatment for you.


We lead with the face, especially the chin. Projection and contour of the chin are important for a balanced profile. Filler can also effectively correct a chin imbalance by refining an especially sharp chin, or one with a retrustion.


Jawline contouring is a good treatment for anyone with mild skin laxity causing sagging skin around the jaw, an indistinct jawline, and an ill-defined angle from the jaw to the neck, or anyone who wishes for a sharper angle of the the jawline under the ears. The tiniest details make the biggest difference in how you feel about your facial appearance!

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