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Lips! Achieving your goal...

For many people, the quest for fuller looking lips is an ongoing journey. Most will spend a lot of money on store-bought cosmetics that promise to make lips look fuller, but in actuality, they irritate the lips, causing them to swell temporarily.

While lipsticks and lip liners can create a look of fullness, once the color fades off, your lips are back to their normal thin state. Getting lip injections often gets a bad rap, thanks to some well-known celebrities who have gone overboard with their cosmetic work. But for those who seek natural looking fuller lips that won’t fade away, our Nurse Practitioners are expert injectors who can carefully and skillfully plump your lips.


How Lip Fillers Work and What To Expect After

How do lip fillers work?

Lip fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid; a naturally occurring product that directly hydrates our tissues. Our lip fillers also contain lidocaine, which means as we inject, the process remains comfortable. The fillers we use at Outlast Aesthetics are proven to enhance the appearance of lips that might otherwise seem dry, dehydrated, deflated and too thin. Thick, volumized, hydrated lips help you appear more youthful, and can last for to 9 months to a year.

What can I expect after my lip filler treatment?

Your appointment should be around an hour, as we take our time to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Despite some swelling, immediately post procedure you may resume normal activity. We will apply ice during your appointment in order to help with any swelling and bruising that may occur. We take a less is more approach to lip filler, and we like to schedule a follow up appointment with you to monitor your progress and to determine if more filler is needed to achieve your desired look.

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