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Wrinkling, sagging and sun damaged skin are all natural signs of aging which inevitably begin to show on our skin with time. As we age, our skin is exposed to environmental pollutants and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The skin cells gradually lose their ability to produce hyaluronic acid. The skin tissue becomes dehydrated and the collagen and elastin fibers lose their structure, resulting in a loss of skin volume and the formation of the facial wrinkles folds that are common characteristics of aged skin. Fortunately, there are non-surgical options available to help you counteract these effects and can fill the gap between skin care products and a full-fledged surgical procedure. Neurotoxins (such as Botox and Dysport) and injectable dermal fillers are two options that can work in combination or separately to improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, creases and sunken facial areas. Injectable dermal fillers can also be used to augment facial structures, such as cheeks or lips, to give a fuller, more youthful appearance. 

Dermal Fillers and Injectables


What are fillers?

Dermal fillers are natural substances that can be used to fill in deep lines on the face or to replace volume that has been lost over the years.  It is not uncommon for both women and men to feel that they’ve lost volume in their cheeks, or that their smile lines are getting deeper with time.  Dermal fillers address both of these problems by adding back the lost volume to smooth out the skin and give you back your more youthful appearance.

Are fillers the same as toxins, or Botox/Dysport?

Dermal fillers and Botox/Dysport are very different, though they can be used nicely together to improve the appearance of your skin.  While Botox and Dysport contain a protein that relaxes the overactive muscles of the face (to decrease wrinkle formation), dermal fillers add volume.  Dermal fillers do not affect the muscles of the face; rather, they actually fill in areas of volume loss or deep wrinkles.  While the effects of Botox/Dysport lasts up to 4 months, dermal fillers last between 6-18 months.  Botox/Dysport and dermal fillers are often used together, to smooth out the dynamic muscles of the face due to overactivity and to improve areas of volume loss over time.

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