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When is the Right Time to Start Getting WRINKLE RELAXERS!?

Well, would you say that you have started to notice some persistent, pesky frown line between your brows, or forehead lines that don’t disappear at rest? If that’s the case, then it may be time to consider neuromodulators, such as Botox and Dysport, so that the fine wrinkles don’t become permanent fixtures on your face.

Wrinkles begin to form at different ages, but in general, fine lines tend to appear in our late 20s to 30s. Prevention is key! This onset of aging is really the best time to start with small doses of neuromodulators. By starting with smaller doses at the early stages of wrinkle formation, deep, persistent wrinkles are less likely to form. Once static lines are present, it may require higher dosing and additional measures to remove deep wrinkles!

Neuromodulators work by essentially weakening targeted muscles. By weakening the active facial muscle, wrinkles are physically unable to form. Injections take about three to five days to start seeing results, and full results can be seen two weeks post treatment. Results last about three to four months, depending on what area is being treated, and how quickly the patient metabolizes the product. Serious side effects are rare. Infrequently, patients report headaches. More common side effects may include minor bruising and slight pain at the injection site.

Overall, Neuromodulators are an extremely safe, well-tolerated anti-aging treatment known for consistently invaluable results….

When performed by a skilled injector!

If you are interested in starting your Neuromodulator journey and reversing the primary signs of aging, our Nurse Practitioner Injectors at Outlast Aesthetics can help you obtain the healthy, youthful appearance we all desire. We offer complimentary consultations, with the option for same day treatment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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